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Class descriptions

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Beginners ballet

Teacher: Lauren Burian

  Beginners Ballet will be equally suitable for those who are new to dance completely or have done ballet or any other dance before and want to work on the foundations. We will focus on technique through exercises at the barre but with a lot more in the centre than would normally be expected in beginners class, in this there will be a large emphasis on performance skills. 
Lower intermediate ballet

Teacher: Hannah Britt

  Lower intermediate ballet is aimed at those who already have a good foundation in ballet but wish to continue learning and improve. Classes will focus on developing strength, correct technique and performance skills through barre and centre exercises. Throughout the year the class will progress to include more complex work, but the main aim will always be to improve whilst having fun!
Higher intermediate ballet

Teacher: Juliet Michaud

  Higher intermediate ballet is a class for dancers with a very good knowledge and experience of ballet. We will improve our technique at the barre and learn complex exercises in the centre. The class will focus on strength and placement which will also help us to improve rhythm and musicality.
Advanced ballet

Teacher: Emily Puumala

  This class is for people that have many years of experience in ballet, with a firm grasp of the majority of steps taught in the higher grades (6-8), and for those who perhaps attended/would have liked to attend vocational graded classes before university. The class will consist of both barre work and centre work, aiming to keep you in good shape and your technique polished. If you wish to continue with your love of ballet at Durham then this will be the class for you!