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How do I become a member/How do I pay membership?
Membership is now done via Instep's page on the DSU website here. Click 'Join Group' and choose which membership type you would like.

What do the different membership types mean?
Annual membership is where you pay a one-off amount each year (£20) on the DSU website and that allows you to go to all our classes (or as many as you want/can!) for the whole year.
Pay-As-You-Go membership is where you pay £1 on the DSU website to get a membership card (which you need to have in order to attend classes), and then you pay £2 on the door each weekend you want to come to classes (this enables you to come to any of the classes that weekend).
Comp Team membership is for members of our Competitions Team only - you must have successfully auditioned for Comp Team, and then it costs £70 (this is to help cover things specific to Comp Team like transport to competitions, competition entries, costumes, etc.)

I was a member last year, do I have to re-join?
Yes you do, as membership only lasts for one year.

Can I still come to classes even if I'm not a member?
Because of our insurance, you have to be a member in order to attend our classes. However, if you don't want to get the annual (£20) membership you can get the £1 'Pay-As-You-Go' membership - you pay the £1 on the DSU website (see first question on how to pay) and then pay £2 per weekend (on the Instep desk on the day) to go to any classes that weekend.

Where can I get my membership card?
Once you have paid your membership you can pick up your membership card from the Instep desk the next time you come to class. You will need to bring your membership card each weekend you come to classes, regardless of what type of membership you have.

How do I sign up for the weekly email?
Members are automatically subscribed to the mailing list, but if you're not a member yet/aren't yet sure if you want to be a member you can always sign-up to the mailing list by sending "subscribe ds-instepmembers" in the body of an email to majordomo@durham.ac.uk. Alternatively, please get in contact with the exec via in.step@durham.ac.uk.

What classes do you run?
Take a look at our list of classes and class descriptions here. For disciplines like ballet, tap and modern, we have put rough guidelines about what level each class will be working at, so take a look at each class page and see which class is best suited for your level/experience.

Where do classes take place?
All the weekend classes take place in Durham at the Student's Union (in Vane Tempest and the Fonteyn Ballroom). We will have general (all levels) classes for ballet, tap, modern and contemporary - times and places to be confirmed.

I'm at the Stockton Campus, can I still come to the Durham classes/socials/events?
Yes! All members, regardless of campus, can take part in all of our events, including classes, competitions, socials and shows.

I've never danced before, can I still come?
Of course! We have beginners classes in all disciplines, and mixed-level classes are open to everyone from beginners to the most experienced.

I'm a beginner - what should I wear/bring to classes?
We don't expect beginners to have anything especially for dance (e.g. leotards, ballet/tap shoes), so just wear something you can comfortably move in and, depending on the class, you'll probably be dancing in either bare feet or socks. For anyone who decides they do want to get some dancewear, we will be doing a dancewear order at some point in Michaelmas/Epiphany term.

What level of ballet should I go to?
Beginners is for those who have never done any ballet before or only did it when they were very very little and can't remember any of it. Lower intermediate is for those who danced when they were in primary school but not since or who took up dancing in the last two or so years. Higher intermediate is for anyone who has been dancing most of their life but have had a short break before university or need to get more confident with their ballet. Advanced is for dancers who are confident with their ballet and want to stretch themselves.

Who can attend a general (no level) class?
Everyone! Many of our smaller classes only have one level, so they are open to anyone who wants to go!

What is the Competition Team, and can I join?
The competition team competes all over the country in tap, modern, ballet, contemporary and street at an advanced level. The team is for committed dancers and is a lot of fun! Auditions for Comp Team are now finished - you must have successfully auditioned in order to be on Comp Team. For more info, including past competitions results, take a look here or email us.

What is Troupe, and can I join?
Troupe is the official university performance dance group and we perform at university and college balls, fashion shows and many other events. We perform a variety of styles ranging from street, to jazz and contemporary. Troupe auditions have already taken place, so you must have successfully auditioned in order to join Troupe. You can find out more about Troupe here.

What sort of events do you hold?
The main event at Instep is the annual Instep Show which takes place in Epiphany term. Previous themes have included 'Spectacular, Spectacular!', 'Instep In Time' and 'Fantastique'. Take a look here and here if you're interested!
We also run an annual dance competition, Durham Dance Fusion, where we invite dance societies from other universities to come and take part in a friendly dance display/competition. Any Instep member is welcome to audition to take part in DDF, even if you're not a member of the Competitions Team. You can also get involved in other ways - e.g. backstage/tech, ticket sales, or being a runner.
Our lovely Social Sec Anna is in charge of organising social events for the society - typically we have socials after big events like the Instep Show and DDF, but things like theatre/ballet trips are also on the cards - watch this space!

How can I get more involved in Instep?
On top of attending classes there are even more ways to get involved in Instep: you can apply to be a College Rep; you can become a member of the Exec at the AGM in May; or you can help out behind the scenes at Durham Dance Fusion and the Show. If you are interested in any of these roles then you can email in.step@durham.ac.uk