How to Join

There are 3 types of membership:

Annual Membership
For this you pay £20 on the DSU website for the whole year. This allows you to go to as many classes as you want to for the year 2016/17 ( you can try and go to all of them if you want!). 

Pay-as-you-go Membership
This is when you pay each week for the classes that weekend, you pay for a weekend and can attend as many classes you want to that weekend. In order to become a pay-as-you-go member you need to pay £1 on the DSU website to get a membership card.

Comp Team Membership
This is for members of our Competitions Team only - you must have successfully auditioned for Comp Team, and then it costs £70 (this is to help cover things specific to Comp Team like transport to competitions, competition entries, costumes, etc.)

How do I become a member/How do I pay membership?
Membership is done via Instep's page on the DSU website here. Click 'Join Group' and choose which membership type you would like.

I was a member last year, do I have to re-join?
Yes you do, as membership only lasts for one year.