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Chinese Dance

Teacher: Samantha Ang

  Chinese Dance encompasses a variety of sub-styles, including the classical, tribal and contemporary. This dance style is characterised by a dramatic expression of emotions, the synchronisation of breath and movement and the inclusion of stunts like kicks and jumps. These blend harmoniously to create choreographies which are a great pleasure to watch.

Classes typically involve basic warm up, exercises to train flexibility and technique (turns, jumps and kicks) and will also include an introduction to basic classical Chinese Dance movements. The rest of the hour is then focused on a choreography that incorporates the movements learnt that week. The Chinese Dance classes at Instep will focus on contemporary Chinese Dance at a beginners' level, making it more accessible to new dancers as well as experienced dancers from other disciplines - who may find Chinese Dance more similar to your dance style than you would have thought!

I'm open to tailoring the class to the abilities and interests of those who come, so there is definitely scope for beginners to get into dance for the first time and for experienced dancers to try out a new style and expand their repertoire. I'd definitely encourage anyone to join this class, whether or not you've danced before! Feel free to join the Facebook group for updates on our classes :)