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Updated Website!

posted 29 Jul 2013, 10:06 by Dance President

Your website has had a bit of a makeover for next year! The new Exec list is up and photos - feel free to have a look around.

Exec Committee 2013/2014

posted 28 Apr 2013, 06:37 by Dance President

Congratulations to your new exec for 2013/2014

Presidents: Jessie Snuggs and Hannah Pittaway
Vice President: Antonia Goddard
Secretary: Michael Booth
Treasurer: Ismay Milford
Social Secretary: Ellie Hackney
Sponsorship and Publicity: Sandra Chan
Competition co-ordinators: Elspeth Wilson and Johanna Rutherford.

Tickets for Instep In Time

posted 22 Feb 2013, 06:41 by Dance President

You can buy tickets for Instep In Time from the DSU this weekend, they're £5 for students and £6 otherwise. Come and talk to a member of the exec.

2013 Show - In-Step In Time

posted 7 Jan 2013, 07:34 by Dance President   [ updated 18 Jan 2013, 12:58 ]

This year, our show theme is going to be “In-Step in Time - dancing through the ages”! All the teachers have been hard at work over the holidays choreographing dances capturing the pre-historic era to 70s disco dancers right the way through to the future. The show is for everyone, from beginners through to advanced in all the different disciplines we offer. There are no upper limit on the number of dancers in each piece so everyone who wants to be involved can be. Not only is performing an important part of dancing, it is also really fun!

The show dates are (provisionally but almost certainly!) Sunday 3rd, Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th  March and it will be held in the DSU. You must also be free all day on Saturday 2nd March which will be the tech and dress rehearsal.

The first weekend of term (19th/20th January) will be a show trial weekend, where teachers will be teaching a section of their dance so you can get a flavour for what each piece will be like. We recommend that you attend all the classes you are interested in being part of. The next weekend (26th/27thJanuary) is the first weekend of proper rehearsals and we ask that you choose a maximum of three dances to participate in.

As we only have an hour per week for a few weekends, we have to be quite strict on missing lessons so there will be a weekly register which you must sign in on. However, we understand that sometimes you will have prior commitments that you can’t change so we do allow for everyone to miss one weekend before the show and please let us know in advance by emailing. If you miss more than one weekend, you will be unable to be in the dance, although please do speak to us if this is a real problem or something happens during term-time which means you have to miss at late notice.

If you are a member, the cost (including t-shirt) is £3 and for non-members, it is £5. Each person only pays once, regardless of whether you are in one dance or three and we will collect money later in the term. 

The annual show is always the highlight of the Instep year and we hope loads of you are as excited as us and looking forward to getting involved!


Despite not offering a pointe class last term, we are pleased to announce that there will be a pointe dance in the show. This dance is open to everyone who has done pointe before to a comfortable level (approximately Intermediate ISTD) and is confident on the centre on fundamental steps including single footed relevés, posé turns and pirouettes. We recommend you get your pointe shoes out over the last few weeks of the holiday and do some ankle strengthening and lots of basics at home to get your feet used to it again if you haven’t done it for a while. In the first session on the taster weekend, we will be running a very informal audition just to check that everyone is of a suitable standard as we don’t want any injuries but there is no limit on numbers so don’t let this scare you off! Any further questions, please let us know and looking forward to seeing lots of you then.



There is also the opportunity to audition for a solo. Auditions will be on the weekend of the 2nd/3rd February with sign-up organised nearer the time. Solos can be a maximum of one minute long and can come from any discipline. We would like it if you could try and choreograph something which fits the theme of dancing through time. We look forward to seeing your dances soon!

DDF Reps

posted 8 Nov 2012, 05:06 by Dance President

Durhams annual inter-university dance competition is fast approaching so we are looking for some volunteers to help out on the day (24th November). It is a lot of fun, a way to get more involved with Instep and looks great on job applications!
If you are interested please e-mail the instep account or Hannah or Louise personally! 

DU Competition Team Auditions

posted 17 Oct 2012, 04:34 by Dance President

This Saturday 20th October we have Durham University Competition Team auditions. These two teams compete on an inter-university at dance competitions held at various universities across the UK. Last year, we were very successful and came home with many trophies so we are very excited about the year ahead!

At 10am to 12pm in Vane Tempest at the DSU we have the multi-discipline team auditions. Please be prompt as there is a lot to squish into the two hours! There will be short twenty minute auditions in modern, ballet, contemporary and tap. You can audition for as many genres as you want but must audition for a minimum of two styles as dancers need to be well-rounded. Please wear what you feel comfortable in and bring lots of water!

At 3pm we have the street team auditions in the Ballroom at the DSU. This will be the same team who compete at both DDF and the other competitions. Please come with lots of attitude and lots of energy! Please note you can be in both the multi-disciplinary team and the street team if you would like!


posted 6 Oct 2012, 03:44 by Dance President   [ updated 8 Oct 2012, 06:56 ]

Troupe Auditions

Wednesday 10th October: 2pm-3:30pm or 3:30pm-5pm at Hild Bede JCR

Troupe is the official university performance dance group representing Durham University. Members of Troupe choreograph their own routines of various styles (predominantly a mix of hip hop, street, modern and jazz) and are invited to perform at various events throughout Durham

DDF Auditions

Saturday 13th October: Times to come

DDF is an inter-university dance competition held in the DSU in mid-November. Dancers can compete in a variety of styles in either intermediate or advanced level. This is a fun event to be involved with, so we hope a lot of you come along!

DU Competition Team Auditions

Saturday 20th October: 10am-11:30am or 11:30am-1pm in the DSU

DU Competition Team is the official Durham University dance competition team, which competes on an inter-university level in modern, ballet, tap, contemporary and street dance held at various universities across the UK. Apart from street dance members, team members should be at advanced level in at least two dance genres.

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