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DDF 2014

Durham Dance Fusion 2014 took place on the 29th November in Durham Students' Union. Take a look at the results and photos below! Videos coming soon!

Universities competiting:

Durham University
Lancaster University
University of Lincoln
Newcastle University
University of Sheffield
University of St Andrews
University of Sunderland
University of York
York St John University​


Intermediate Tap:
1st - Sunderland
2nd - Durham
3rd - Newcastle

Advanced Tap:
1st - Newcastle
2nd - Lancaster
3rd - Sheffield

Intermediate Ballet:
1st - Newcastle
2nd - Lancaster
3rd (tie) - Sunderland & Durham

Advanced Ballet:
1st - St Andrews
2nd - Durham
3rd - York

Intermediate Modern:
1st - Sunderland
2nd - Newcastle
3rd - Durham

Advanced Modern:
1st - Durham
2nd - St Andrews
3rd - Lancaster

1st - Newcastle
2nd - Lancaster
3rd - York

1st - York
2nd - Newcastle
3rd - Lancaster

1st - Youngeon Lee (St Andrews)
2nd - Louisa Barnard (Newcastle)
3rd - Alice Balhatchet (York)

Best Choreography: Advanced Tap Newcastle

Best Male Dancer: Robin Hartley (York)

Best Female Dancer: Louisa Barnard (Newcastle)

Best Overall Uni: St Andrew's

Photo & Videos:

DDF 2014 - 29th Nov 2014

Many thanks to Anna Lok, Gina Giglioli, Louise Watkin, Elspeth Wilson, Jen Bullock and Mengjie Wang for the photos!